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12-07-2012, 07:55 PM
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All the pro owner people out there want to explain how a deal gets done when Bettman either storms out of the room emotionally instead of negotiating, or rejcts a PA proposal in 10 minutes after just about every meeting he's in? How many times has he stormed out like a 10 year old, and how many times has the PA?

I dont' know what to think about Fehr on this round, but he's no more to blame than Bettman again. All the pro owner people out there please explain to me why a 5 year limit on contracts is the ONLY way to stop backdiving contracts, and that the league considers it the "hill they'll die on."

That's just retarded. There's dozens of ways you can eliminate the backdiving deals, you don't have to completely remove any chance of a player signing a deal longer than 5 years. Just off the top of my head, you could do the exact same thing by not allowing teams to buyout contracts after the 5th year, and even do something like make the cap hit the highest yearly salary over the course of the deal after 5 years.

Or you could be willing to move towards 6 or 7 year max. Why "die on the hill" for a 5 year max? There's so many other ways to prevent the backdiving contracts, that will still leave the possibility for a few players to get longer term deals if a team wants to give them. These kind of things are why deals aren't getting done. One side takes a ridiculous hardline stance, instead of exploring other ways to satisfy both parties a little more so they can agree.

This whole thing went off the cliff because the Winnepeg and TB owners convinced the others to offer the $300M on good faith first, instead of dragging out the process. The Leafs owner was pissed at this, and when the PA made a counter proposal instead of accepting the one they gave right off the bat, he apparently" turned purple" lost his **** and stormed out of the meeting and went back to Toronto. The next day Bettman came in to revisit his usual hardline stance, stormed out himself again and took their previous offer off the table, instead of negotiating.

I just wish Fehr and Bettman would have stayed out, and let the players and the owners minus the Leafs d**che settle everything down to the signatures. I can't believe how dedicated it seemed that whole group was with those back to back marathon sessions.

They made it that close, and then Bettman and Fehr came back in and blew up the whole thing because they have to posture as hardliners, and they both know it, which forces them to do the same. Neither one wants to LOSE, and they're both too good at this thing to sign anything if they do. Hence no deal will get signed. One or both sides needs to lose to get a deal done, so one or both of these guys needs to go or stay out of the process.

There's no way the league is losing on this deal because they're getting more than they did in the last CBA on every issue. That said, even though I feel like that, I would be fine with Fehr getting fired just so they can save the season. I think this is Bettman's doing, and he should be the guy to go, but that will never happen, so get rid of Fehr and just sign the deal and give Bettman the KO again. He's just too good, because he doesn't give a **** about the fans, no matter how much he says it, he just wants to win in negotiations at all cost. That's about 90% of the reason he was hired by the owners.

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