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Originally Posted by AM View Post
The players are not negotiating in good faith.
Im surprised the NHLPA's negotiating at all, even pretending to be civil. First, the NHL launches its Blitzkrieg. Sends in its Panzers followed by the Shock Troops. Rolls back the clock, the years. Reclaim's what it feels are its lost lands & territories. Attempting to strip the players of hard won rights & freedoms while blaming its own ills' on labour. Then, while starving the population (players, broadcasters, sponsors, fans, countless tens of thousands more who rely on the NHL) to death it begins its negotiations. All the while of course doing irreparable harm to its own brand and image, setting back even further a great many of its franchises who will take years to recover (and some who just might not make it at all) from the folly of so misguided and ill conceived a strategy to begin with. But yup, sure thing AM. Its all the players fault, being lead through the Gates of Purgatory by everyones favourite Anti-Christ; Donald Fehr, and all the Christ like Disciples of the NHL can do is weep as the players take the game right over the edge & into the inferno, dragging the league, the fans, broadcasters & sponsors into the abyss....

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