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Originally Posted by doug5984 View Post
Whew that makes me feel better. I am happy with it though in that it makes my team significantly better on the back end right now, but isn't a 23 or 24 YO like some of the guys I lost out on- those would have been short term solutions.

Just spending up all my cash today.

Lonnie Rambeau 17 yo, 6/6, CM, 763 OR. Position adjusted quality should be in the mid-high 70s as well. This guy isn't a day 1 starter- is in line with my # 3 guy- but with his age, CL, and qualities he shouldn't be far off (4 years younger than my # 3, and 3 years off my # 1 & # 2. I'll try to get him in the rotation early, which will also allow me to play more games on normal and have decent energy at the end of the season.

Again, this one may have been an overpayment but I really like this kid, and with that OR at that age I really like what he could be.

Edit: forgot to include price: 36,500,000, he was originally purchased from FC Corona (An american player woo) for 36,750,000 last season so figure at the least it's a fair price.

Looking at the US roster he may have a small shot at that team- if they open up U-18 & U-20 teams soon I think he'd have a good shot at those.
Looks like a good purchase to me. I have a couple of 17 year olds with more OR, but they're 5/6 and 4/6 respectively. CM has historically been the position where I'm most likely to spend big bucks. If he can provide consistency in the line-up at CM, that's a huge plus.

Originally Posted by tujague View Post
Nice pickups, Doug. As always, you have to hope the CL holds up. But a good defense is pretty important. Obryantj has made a living off of his ridiculous defense/goalie. Nobody even puts shots on goal anymore. He's defensive Mid probably helps, but damn that's a good defense.
My defense has been the strength of my team for a while. This year's defense could still use a couple of upgrades, but F is the position I should concentrate on (after I finish upgrading my stadium and potentially start RF-15 as well). SD has 3 solid prospects coming up, so I should probably hold off on making an upgrade there. I have 9 CDs on my team, but 6 of them are 17 or younger and none of those 6 are ready to contribute.

I've tried to make it stop! I even talked about it on PPM trying to jinx myself. That seemed to slow it down for a bit, but... It's back. Maybe.

A hidden benefit to this madness is the money it's going to save me. I can't build SA14 because 13 is working out so well. And once this thing dries up, it'll be pointless to build 14 because I'll have used up all of my youth pull luck. That saves me what? 230M for SA13&14? Plus daily expenses. Yay
I wouldn't hold off on upgrading just because of to the (perceived) possibility of your luck running out. As an fyi, I had a 2.5* player with 415 OR and 6/6 today. I added him to the roster just to see how he looks. Maybe he'll at least bring in a small sum of cash that I could use towards accessories.

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