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Originally Posted by The Podium View Post
Players like Stone, Noesen and Puempel are a dime a dozen, it is no way elite depth that you have them. Both Noesen and Puempel are producing at a similar rate to Biggs or Leivo,
Both Noesen and Puempel have had seasons in the OHL that neither Biggs nor Leivo have yet to match statistically.

both of which bring the same if not more intangibles, and one of which has the same pedigree. Then we have players like Brown drafted in a late round blowing all of them out of the water statistically, a player like D'amigo can parallel Stone,
Do you have issues reading a stats line? Stone has dominated the WHL and the world juniors while putting up stats that neither Brown nor D'amigo can come close to matching.

this all without counting Ashton, Colborne, Frattin, Ross or McKegg all players with "top 6 upside".
Maybe AHL top 6 upside but those players are looking less and less like prospects as the years go by.

Leafs also have D (Not including Rielly) that are valued similar to Ceci or Wiercioch.
No the Leafs don't. Well, Percy might be close to Wiercioch but he's not close to Ceci.

All of these are not impressive prospects, they are ones you keep under your wing and give them time to develop. Some will make the NHL at some capacity and some will bust, but dont sit there thinking that Ottawa's group of these teired prospects are any better than any other teams.
Except Ottawa has proved adept at developing prospects under Murray. Toronto, under Burke, has not.

Zibanejad and Silfverberg are not among the best forward prospects in the league...

- Tarasenko
- Yakupov
- Granlund
- Hubredeau
- Kuznetsov
- Baertschi
- Galchenyuk

I have ahead

then Zibanejad battles with the likes of Strome, Schwartz, Kreider, Etem in the next tier
No one really cares who you have ahead when your scouting abilities are clearly non-existent.

then comes Silfverberg with the Kadris, Forsbergs, Coyles, etc. etc.
Sifverberg with Kadri? Ha! That's hilarious.

Depth, and Lehner are the only things that stand out to me, your higher ranked prospects are safe with a lower ceiling, Zibanejad for example looks to be a defensive specialist 2C, a Jordan Staal/Ryan Kesler type forward, and because of that i think they should be ranked lower.
And elite defensive center good for over 70 points a season? That's a better ceiling than any Leaf prospect except for Rielly.

Better? Dont start a war you asked for all this and Toronto had no business being in this thread.
Never go full retard.

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