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12-07-2012, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
It would have been a big shock. Krejci winning the Smythe would have been like Langenbrunner winning it in 2003. They both led the NHL in playoff points and it ends there. Neither were even close to Smythe candidates. Chara? Played a key role, but Thomas was the man for Boston. Made some pivotal saves and didn't have a bad game in the final.
Oh it would have been a shock to most people, I agree. But most people only watched the final, or only bits and pieces of the first three rounds. I watched 24 out of 25 Bruins games in their entirety or close to it that spring. So I saw Thomas allowing the first shot of the game to go in multiple times, weak goals that turned momentum in games, and Tampa Bay nearly upsetting Boston due in large part to Thomas stinking the joint out in the three losses to them.

So in my eyes, Thomas was merely at the same level of importance as a Chara or Krejci when the whole playoff run is examined. The nature of being a goaltender is that you're going to have the single biggest effect on whether your team won or lost the game most of the time. If Thomas is going to get credit for the great performances, of which there were several, he should also face scrutiny for the bad ones, of which there were also several.

I distinctly remember the idea being that if the Canucks won Game 7 it would be Luongo, not either of the Sedins or Kesler but a clear win for Luongo. If Boston won it was Thomas no ifs ands or buts. If Vancouver won and Thomas still had a great game, it still could be Thomas. There was never any mention of anyone else but those two for the Smythe.
This is definitely true, and I disagreed with that line of thinking at the time as well as now.

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