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Originally Posted by Mr. Fancy Pants View Post
No way, things come and go in cycles. The OP wasn't asking about right now but what franchises would be safe for a long time. Vancouver had trouble drawing fans before when the weren't winning and the same would happen if Vancouver missed the playoffs for a few years. The Canucks missed the playoffs from 96-2000 and look at the drop off in attendance (according to

1995-96: 17796
1996-97: 17320
1997-98: 16957
1998-99: 15802
1999-00: 14641

It was easy to get tickets during those years. I remember being in Vancouver with a friend on the day of a Leafs game and on a whim, we were able to get walk-up tickets to the game. That would be unthinkable now.

Before 1996, the Canucks had made the playoffs 6 years in a row including past the first round 4 times and a trip to the Stanley Cup final. Even with that recent success they still started losing fans quickly. Today, I think Vancouver's sellouts would end if they missed the playoffs two years in a row.
You're not painting the entire picture, even when the Canucks were successful in the early 90s it was easy to get tickets and there was no such thing as a season ticket waiting list, you're comparing the current situation to something completely different.

Lets put it this way, why are people agreeing that Tor Mon and NYR are the best bets in this scenario?

I said before, the huge waiting list is enough to scare people into keeping their tickets in hope for better times, plus with the salary cap the Canucks have become one of the leagues top spenders, of course $$$ != success but it helps.

One thing places like Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver have now as well is a new generation with disposable income. The generations that were born at the time of these teams entry into the league are at that age with income to spend and I believe is one of the reasons behind the massive increase in support. I can't comment on Calgary or Edmonton, but in Vancouver there is huge immigrant population born in the 80s and 90s that grew up on watching hockey who couldn't support the team financially as children for whatever reason, perhaps their parents didn't care for it or whatever, I don't want to say something that will get me in trouble.

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