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12-07-2012, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by SoulPatch View Post
I thought the same thing when I got my first android phone; until I received pictures from other iphone users, and narrowed the problem down to my friend not having a data plan.

The problem is likely from your friend's end. Either he's trying to send the MMS with an iphone specific msnger app (maybe his phone still thinks you have an iphone so it's already set to use this app. In which case he'd need to change his settings), or he's using wifi only for some reason. Orrrr I could be wrong

Also get rid of the AVG scanner. Unless you've rooted and are not sure if the files you're downloading are legit, you won't need it. Even in that case, you can just use an add-on scanner to see if it's pushing advertisements/doing something you don't want.
Good point. If the poster is coming from an iPhone, he'll need to disable his iMessage in order to receive texts from other iMessagers on his S3.

I know I've annoyed a couple people who don't have a text-included plan when I switched to Android, as they only use iMessage, and may have cost them a few bucks.

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