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Originally Posted by Ruiner058 View Post
Bettman was never a part of this last round of negotiations. The NHLPA demanded (said it was non-negotiable) that the personnel restrictions be lifted - but Bettman stayed away anyways.

Not like any of it really matters at all. The owners this last week that the PA was working with included, what has to be considered, their closest allies. Who wants to play more than Toronto? The fact that they alienated all of them to a point where they left in the manner they did is more telling than any PC Bettman or Fehr can put on. So the pro-PA people can put every angled spin on it that they want but at the end of the day the guy who is losing the most out of every single person on the NHL's side just stormed out... so saying how the PA's proposals would pass a league vote and blah blah blah.. how is it going to pass if the moderate owners are enraged?

Then again, the PA has essentially done absolutely nothing and the offers keep getting better so good for them...

I for one don't see why the league is giving them as much as they are. I get that the players are in the top 1% for their given skills but that's only worth what the markets dictate it's worth. If you are the best person in the world at stacking cups... you're not going to make 20 mil a year off that because there isn't a market to support that. So what are KHL/SEL salaries? Less than 50% HRR in the NHL even with the tax discrepancy, that's for sure. The NHL is already overpaying them and only a handful of teams are truly making decent money. They aren't entitled to 57% of revenue... they get what they get and if they don't like the pay there are other leagues they can go to... but those leagues pay significantly less then what the NHL is offering. So this whole 'all the owners do is take and take and take' attitude is just ridiculous PR - the owners have been overpaying the players for years in a sport with high overhead and low profits relative to other NA sports. I understand nobody likes a paycut, but the entitled attitude when most of the employers are in the red doesn't get any sympathy from me.

But like I said, the offers have only gotten better so there's that... but of course, is a slightly better offer worth missing 1/4, 1/2, or all of a season? Apparently Fehr thinks so, but I imagine it's easier to calculate when all that matters is if you win or not.
Good post. I agree with what you're saying. What I don't understand is, why the NHLPA wouldn't want an EVEN LONGER CBA than the 10 years proposed by the league.

Odds are, when the NBA (not sure how long that one is) and the NFL (10 years) CBAs are up, it's very likely that the percentage the players get is going to go down AGAIN. If I were the NHLPA, I'd want to do 12-14 years because 50% is going to look really good when the NBA / NFL drops down to 45%.

Just my opinion, it could very well stay at 50% but I certainly don't see it going UP.

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