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12-07-2012, 10:15 PM
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Originally Posted by awfulwaffle View Post
If the Dolphins came out and beat the Patriots next year, that would actually be the norm. They have beat the Patriots regularly over the years compared to the rest of the league.

I didn't realize the issue at hand was knicks fans cheering over a regular season victory. Apparently you like basketball much more than me. I couldn't give a **** about a regular season victory. Fact is though, Knicks fans still show up, Heat fans don't.
You didn't actually respond to what I said though did you? you wouldn't come out and label the Dolphins as being better than the Patriots if they beat them to start next season would you? let's say the Dolphins kick off next year 4-0 with a win over the Pats, would you be labelling them as better than the Pats and talking about them being amongst the best in the league and blah blah blah? I would think not.

I couldn't give a **** about a regular season victory either, it's the Knicks fans who are planning the parade based on a hot start to the regular season. You seem to be presenting arguments that support my stance on this topic, so why you are saying them to me I have no idea. A New York team basketball team packing in fans? who would have thought!

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