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12-07-2012, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilin Toronto View Post
1) Don't tell me that the Canucks would rather trade the better goalie (Luongo) simply because the other goalie is younger, and is a homegrown talent. Are you serious dude. I tell you what, I'll would be willing to give you what you ask for originally from the Leafs if you were to offer Schnieder instead of Luongo, because I believe that he's the better goalie. And, deep down inside, I think you feel the same way.
2) Of course, he is willing to come to camp. What do you want him to say, "I will not report to camp until I am given the starting role." The better question to ask is, "will he be a distraction if he loses the starting position?" The answer is a resounding "YES."

4) Since you have him locked up for 10 years for a very favorable cap hit, it would make sense to stick it out with Luongo instead of CS. I'm sure CS will want a more lucrative contract in the next couple of years. Would you not agree? Let me guess, you are not going to agree!

Seriously, you can take me up on any advice you want, I will make sure to set you on the right path.
1. I think I answered your question about who is better. I think Schneider can be better, but he needs to prove it. Called risk vs. reward

2. You say he will be a distraction based on what? Have you travelled to the future and back? Lets wait and see. If it is distraction then maybe that can be a factor of bringing value down, but until it happens it isn't.

4. You would offer same package? But you said Schneider is better and has great contract. Based on your logic I think he may yield a better package you think?

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