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12-07-2012, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by CCF23 View Post
One of two things is going to happen here:

1. The majority of the players are behind Fehr and this gets dragged on. Fehr pushes it, because that's what Fehr does. Decertification or disclaimer of interest happen. The owners, who aren't afraid of him, tell him to stick it up his ass. Things go very, very badly.

2. There is a large enough vocal group within the union that pushes Fehr to get back to the table and make a deal next week. Tells him to accept a 10 year CBA, tells him to drop the "transitional issues" (amnesty buyouts and escrow cap...isnt the 'make whole' a transitional method anyway?), tells him to try and push the contract limit as far as he can (6 or 7 years), and gets a deal done.

I don't get the sense that this NHL "final offer" is anything like the last couple. I really believe they're at the end of their rope here. The players need to recognize that and not screw it up, or else they're in for a world of hurt when all the progress they've made (they'd actually save face with a deal similar to what they have on the table now) comes flying off the table.

That's exactly what they want everyone to believe - that they are at the end of their tether. But in reality, they won't reach the end until the season is cancelled and the NHLPA decertifies. No owner wants that. The complete unknown is far more damaging to the owners than it is the players because the players can still bank on the free market.

CBAs have become just another form of allowing owners to flatten costs across the board. It benefits them much more overall. In fact, the NBA recognizes this and took the right action by decertifying early. It's the only chip they had to play.

This is grandstanding at its finest. Fehr said there would "drop dead dates". Bettman denies it, but what happened? The owners increased their prior "best offer", thereby lending credence to Fehr's argument. The owners moved. There is a timeline. There are tactics at play here and I'm not surprised that just when both sides have been closer than they have ever been, the owners pulled the offer and became accusatory... They know the players will question Fehr the next time the owners make a concession.

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