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12-07-2012, 10:15 PM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
As for Bettman, he did seem a little rattled last night at the podium.

Like a petulent child that didn't get the desired result of his most recent manipulation of having the players and owners meet face to face.

Like it was the last trick in his bag outside of a nuclear winter.

I believe that Bettman is safe if gets a deal done. Another canceled season and he is absolutely a goner.
This ^ there's not really a positive way to spin it if the season gets cancelled.
Last time around at least Bettman and the NHL could come out and say that they got cost certainty in july that they were not being offered in February.

Let's do some simple math here;

For arguments sake we'll say that if the season is saved and resumed in late january, 70% of overall revenue gets made (it would be half a regular season but playoffs kept intact and still maintaining most of merchandise, liscensing fees etc) or each side getting 35% of a normal season. If Bettman nixes the season over it. And I'll be optimistic and say the NHL convinces the PA to accept the NHL's first offer (with the owners getting 57%); that would take the owners 5 years to recoup the lost season. And thats not even counting the fact that there will inevitably be fan casualties if another season is lost.

If Bettman nixes another season, he'd have to hit a home run to keep his job. Even as it is now I can't imagine him being kept around for the next CBA expiration whether Fehr's around or not. The owners will have to do SOMETHING to show the fans there's a chance the next one will not result in another lockout.

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