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Originally Posted by Devil Dancer View Post
Yeah, pretty much. I don't really care what the players do off ice, to a point, and their thoughts on a collective bargaining agreement that is very personal to them certainly aren't going to affect about how I view them as players.

I don't understand why HF is so collectively upset at these guys. I suspect it's misplaced hero worship gone bad when people discover their heroes don't always agree with them, or that the players (in HF's collective mind) took away one of their favorite things, but I don't actually know that.
I think it's the realization that players do not have anything in common with the typical fan. Fans and owners at least have the best interest of the league at heart. Fans and owners want a competitive and fun game. Players want money and security primarily. The salary cap is the best thing to happen to the game and we have the owners to thank for it. The players fought tooth and nail against it. The salary cap has allowed teams to compete on a lvl playing field and has made the game for more balanced and competitive.

We have a similar issue this time around in the contract limit being put forth by the owners. In a salary cap world, 10+ year contracts have been killers for teams to have the flexibility to operate when these players underperform. Bettman noted that it went from 1 contract over 6 years awhile back to 90 today. Those players are likely all first and second line players. You won't find many fans who like these long-term contracts as it is detrimental to the game. Players being primarily motivated by security and compensation would love 30 year contracts and wouldn't give a damn what it meant to the competitive landscape of the league. The sad thing is it's those elite first and second line guys who are deciding the fate of the third and fourth liners who will never know the effect of contract limits regardless of whether they are 5 years or infinite. I would love for a vote by the NHLPA as I think there is a massive divide among the top tier or player and the middle/bottom tier.

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