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12-07-2012, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by racerjoe View Post
You do know talks broke off terribly right? that the Bettman said it is all coming off the table. There is no deal right now to even speculate on.

Thats the point.

It was also the point for the rest of the post with other things people are speculating on. Truth be told, I am fully aware most likely he will have to be traded. But the facts not just at this moment, but for the foreseeable future say we do not HAVE TO move him. We can keep him. Hell one could make an argument we could keep both for at least 3 years.
Yeah, talks broke off terribly, but I doubt when they start up again the owners are going to be conceding a bunch of money to the players. I think it's most likely we see a cap drop next CBA. Therefore any speculation I make on a Luongo trade takes that into consideration. Obviously you're free to see it differently, I just find it amusing you think reading my opinion and the like is 'torturous'.

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