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12-10-2003, 01:28 AM
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I feel Dackell's overrated because many people seem to believe he's a player that would fit in on a contending or playoff club on a bottom six forward role. I like Dackell. He works hard, he's small but has carved himself a decent NHL career. I was pleased that Savard picked him up for so little, and he has served a purpose in Montreal.

I don't think he'd have an NHL career if not for expansion, though. I find people claim that Dackell does those little things that are missed when it isn't the case. Dackell is a solid player to have on the PK. He doesn't complain, even when benched. He's a player that has a good amount of hockey sense, plays the neutral zone well, can push turnovers and is quick enough to keep up with a fast transition team.

But Dackell's not consistent. He goes through many games where he's a soft perimeter player. If he's paired up with the right players, with some grit element added to his line, he starts making things happen as we've seen in recent games. Against bigger teams with strong defensive systems, Dackell will more often than not be manhandled.

His game isn't strength, grit, or stellar defensive play on even strength. He really is a penalty killing specialist who won't hurt you on the ice even strength and can cycle the puck if he's placed in a role where others can handle the dirty work.

And this is where I find Dackell's overrated: people feel he's a strong defensive player five on five. In the neutral zone, he's good. He can force some turnovers. In the defensive zone, he doesn't have the strength or grit to win battles along the boards when it counts, he doesn't block shots and he can't be a part of a system that collapses and keeps the opposition to the perimeter through sheer strength and will. He's limited in his abilities defensively and his positioning isn't good enough to compensate for his limitations.

At this point I would say Dackell's waiver wire material that wouldn't be picked up by many teams due to his salary.

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