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12-08-2012, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by MarkusNaslund19 View Post
How can anybody be pro-owner in this lockout?

Also, why is it always the players' responsibility to save the owners from themselves? No player has ever offered another player a contract. The owners and GMs fall all over themselves to find loopholes in their own system. Then want the players to save them from themselves? Ridiculous.
It's not the players responsibility. It's the owners. That's why they're trying to cap the ufa contract at 5 save the little markets from the big markets, to maintain a little parity, to try to grow the sport in smaller markets by letting them compete for big names without risking a decade of bankruptcy. That's why they want that bit in the CBA.

Players...I used to really like Toews but now i can take him or leave him. Miller sounds like nothing more than a yes-man for that was a post he was nominated for. From the Wild Seto has sounded like a fairly stupid little ****** in spurts, and Cuma of all people is yapping about it. Bissonette is obviously pretty dim, and when it's just odd comments about someone's shoes or his girlfriends apartment or whatever its sufferable but when he tries to get serious it alternates from infuriating to just sad. If these are the guys they bring to the table then yeah, i can see why Fehr wouldn't want them alone in a room with even the least smart, least threatening owner. Those are the ones that have irked me personally.

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