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Originally Posted by HawksFan74 View Post
All right, I'm sick of hearing these excuses for shows like the TWD. It does not exclude it from glaring plot holes or bad writing. You could then use this excuse for any show that contains a bit of Scifi. If that's the case, the premier in Feb could reveal that Michonne is from another planet sent to practice her hunting skills on Earth. She does have the Predator hair thing going on.

No, we watch because we want to know how people would react if such an event were to occur. Take out the Zombies and TWD is more or less a study of any apocalyptic event where everyone is struggling to survive.
I've always made the argument that mainstream SCI-FI needs more character development and realism to make their SCI-FI/Fantasy elements more plausible. Some people think anything with a dragon or zombie in it makes it B grade and doesn't require any thought put into it. These people are not fans of the genre in any way.

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