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Originally Posted by okgooil View Post
Solid post, I know a few think that the players played a shrewd hand and the owners will give in more in a few weeks and we will have a season. I just don't see it. I think the players had a very good chance of getting the most out of some owners willing to give the most. I think Bettman actually went out of his way to really get a deal done by allowing the process to take place. He knew these owners would give more than any other owners. The players blew it. If I was a betting man, I Think the season is lost and the players will sign a worse deal in the summer. I think the owners will take it to heart and will now win the war of attrition. I think this will go back as a idiotic move by the players. I think the owners will stand firm and the players will eventually do what they did last lock out. Which is take a huge hit and lose a year.
Either that or the Union starts to rip itself apart. The league doesnt want to see the union decertify or anything of the like, but believe me they arent afraid to it. Bettman has made each of his CBAs and corresponding SPCs with clauses pertaining to what happens when a CBA expires. There can be no successor CBA if there is no collective bargaining, there can be no collective bargaining without the union and the contracts, as specifically stated need the NHLPA to agree on term before contracts can return from limbo. In fact as agreed by all players when they signed their contracts...their contracts have no value until a new agreement is reached. The real day value of those contracts is waiting for the CBA to state what it is. They arent entitled to anything, because those contracts are specifically written to be void without a CBA, and 2. are relative to the systemic terms of the succeeding CBA. . They are actually valueless right now; the owners know it, bettman knows it. They are safe. Unlike NBA and NFL players, NHL players have proven they have lots of options and the NHL is no monopoly. Way to go players.

Bettman has responsibilities beyond the players. I dont believe for a second that he works 20 years on something to risk losing all the gains just for his ego. I consider him a moderate but a realist. In his early years i do think he let his ego get in the way but i dont see that anymore. This league was close to the edge of collapse in 04. An experience like that can not only humble someone but also really open the eyes to how many peopl, families...depend on you making the business/enterprise strong.

I am thinking it is 50/50 chance the season is saved but i think it has to happen soon. As i said earlier the offer is off the table for good next weekend IMO. Then both sides basically start their paper work on their solo direction plans.

As i point out... Bettman has proven in the Kelly era that he isnt the problem.

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