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12-07-2012, 11:43 PM
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I can't believe how stupid the players and owners are.

To the players: you guys aint the NFL. if the owners want to win, they will win. you don't make enough money on the whole to with stand a couple years of bickering. hiring donald fehr won't do anything but cost you a few checks.

to the owners: if you want to cry about long contracts, just don't give them out. its that simple. and if you want the players to help get phoneix and florida and nashville out of the red. heres an idea..abolish every crapbag team that has no fans or move them to a place where they will. and then have some type of reverse expansion draft for all the players of the teams that get vanished so we can have some excitement to revitalize the very much angry fan base. the only thing that could make me happy about this lockout would be seeing the entire phoenix, florida, and nashville rosters up for grabs in a snake draft for every remaining team.

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