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12-07-2012, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Not a bad list. I pretty much agree. One quibble I have is that Ribeiro and Stumpel are more or less the same - why have them five spots apart?
Part of it is I don't think there's much a gap between Ribeiro and Reichel but you're right. I called it the Jokinen-Olczyk group but maybe it should be to Stumpel.

Do you think a gap after Bullard or Reichel would make more sense with Carson and Gee moved up?

I agree that Bullard and Jokinen are very similar. I would give him the slight edge as a player because, as you said, he has a bit of a playoff record, and I don't think his deficiencies are as pronounced. I could be wrong. Can the eras account for him having the same career point total in 300 fewer games?
Interesting question and I didn't realize that. I can buy playoffs as the difference maker with Jokinen not using those extra games to pull himself away.

I think Raleigh can take the cake as the best center here. And I definitely agree that Carson is the next best pre-expansion center, ahead of those other names.
Interesting you'd take Carson over Gee. Those OHA finishes do seem pretty impressive though and he had basically no help from his teammates.

Billy Barlow should be a darkhorse candidate for this list.

Also, I agree Cullen and Jimmy Carson should be honorable mentions. They were actually the guys I was thinking of when I tried to put a number on Skene Ronan's legacy when Mike Farkas raised the question of whether he was HHOF-caliber.
I totally forgot about Barlow, I'd have him with Ruzicka at the worst. Cullen and Carson are back-to-back on my list.

There are other guys I want to consider putting on there due to two-way games - Clement, Schock, Boschman, McKechnie - but who am I kidding, that's a different class of player, they don't have the upside to make the top-10 (which is why we will be making lists for top-6 and bottom-6 centers! )

More or less, you have this right.
This was my top-6 list, guess I should have mentioned that. I like Schock and Langkow as top-six guys a lot and considered making them honorable mentions for their all-around contributions, but it's hard to see who they'd knock out of that group really.

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