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12-08-2012, 12:38 AM
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Originally Posted by MVW View Post
Bettman has had 3 lockouts under his watch and is on the verge of his losing another full season (that's mind blowing). Yes he has the owners best interests in mind and he's decent at what he does, but his track record is horrible in regards to work stoppages which does no good for the game at all and I think he needs to go as the players do not respect him.

I really do not think Fehr is totally to blame. His job is not to gouge for the owners for every dime, his job is to relay what the numbers will mean to the players in terms of dollars. If he's trying to persuade them for selfish reasons he should be fired to.

At this point, I believe the owners have come the furthest in terms of giving up the most. Both sides need to share blame here and as a fan I am disgusted at everyone by what has transpired. However, if the NHL is saying they have no more room to move and mean it, the players really do not have much of a choice then do they? Unless the players make the next significant move next the season will be completely lost and I have my doubts as to whether I'll come back to support them next year. I have no interest in supporting a bunch of greedy primadona's that do not care about the hands that feed them.
You do realize that under Bettman the league has grown to a multi billion dollar a year league, he was the one that took the risk to leave espn for NBC after espn offered the nhl peanuts to play behind poker and that lead to a large increase in viewership in the usa, he saved several canadian teams that are now some of the largest money makers in the league.

It takes two to negotiate but you are solely blaming Bettman? Have you seen what the players are asking this time because they change every week to say he is decent at his job is a slap in the fact the game has grown leaps and bounds under him and became a popular sport in NA.

His job is not to gain the respect of the players but to manager the league the way its owner's want it to be managed if the players are to childish to negation with someone they don't like then they are really the ones who are doing harm to the game. This past week the Pa and the league made a deal to have no Bettman and no Fehr the PA broke that and now that is Bettman's fault to not have a deal? It is easy to say get a deal done but when the players complain to the media constantly about false facts and try to break deals its hard to trust them.

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