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Originally Posted by TieClark View Post
No I didn't miss the point at all, he's wrong. The blades are wider.... the radius is how wide the hollow is. Naturally the radius is wider for a goalie skate than a player skate. A 3/4 radius for a goalie skate is similar to a 1/2 or a 5/8 player cut. A 1/2 cut is similar to a 3/8 player cut. Etc. Going all the way down to 3/8 for a goalie is very drastic. Some goalies may like that but it's still drastic.

I have no idea where you play but that is unheard of... 1/4 is insane. Never in my life have I seen it.

Yeah 1/2 is pretty normal but I wouldn't call it the majority.
You do know the last two top of the line Bauer goalie models both had 3mm holders right?

3/8th's is EXTREMELY common among goalies nowadays because of how much their game has changed. To say 3/4th's is common among the new modern goalie is flat out wrong.

To reiterate myself yet again, you are wrong on this topic. The days of goalies with shallow hollows is largely gone. I personally know of goalies who get 3/8ths and have a taller raised inside edge so they can get even more of a bite.

If sample size and reality based evidence isn't enough for you, just think about it. What are the basic advantages of sharper skates? What explicit gains do you get from moving to it? If you can answer that question, then it becomes extremely obvious why new techniques lend themselves to a sharper cut.

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