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12-08-2012, 12:46 AM
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I understand what people are saying in terms of the double standard regarding GSP and Silva, but there's a pretty big difference here that hasn't been addressed. If Weidman and Bisping fought my guess is Weidman would be in the -170 range, whereas if Diaz and Hendricks fought my guess is the odds would be pretty close to even (Diaz probably as the slight favorite). So while yes GSP is passing on the number one contender, he would get less flack for asking for Diaz than Anderson would asking for Bisping quite simply because it is a more competitive/worthy opponent. Not to mention it's a fight that was already on the table. If Anderson turned down Weidman to fight Hendo/Rashad/Shogun at 185 I don't think he'd get too much grief for it.

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