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12-08-2012, 12:52 AM
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It's astonishing how many people have fallen for the leagues propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

Fehr gets his mandate from the players. If the majority of players said 'we want to sign the NHL's last proposal,' then that's exactly what would happen.

It's amazing how people can believe it when Bettman comes out and says Fehr's distorting the truth or not giving the players the entire message. I mean do people not realize that its not like Bettman is going to tell the truth-that he can't deal with Fehr because he's not a pushover? That he can't handle dealing with someone who's uses the same tactics that he's used against the PA time and time again?

In the real world, the players have been a part of each bargaining session. All sorts of players. Many players. In fact, if any player wants to be a part of it, they can say the word, and the PA will get them an airline ticket.

No, not all 700+ players are going to be on the same page, but if the majority are pushing one way, then that's the way Fehr is going to go. People seriously need to read up on how Fehr runs a players association before believing any two bit source.

And really, the only people who can believe it's Fehr whose responsible for the current of affairs fail to realize just how scummy the stunt the league tried to pull the other day. Fehr is the hired representative of the players; the guy they've chosen to represent them in a multi-billion dollar negotiation. Instead of sitting down with him and getting a fair deal done, the league instead tries to undercut his position and deal directly with the players, thus de-legitimizing the entire players association. Incredibly unprofessional.

The only reason a deal hasn't been signed yet is because the owners still think breaking the union is the only way to do things.

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