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Originally Posted by Scotianhab View Post
Should I play the Chargers D vs Pit or
the Ravens D vs Wash?
I'd go with the Chargers. Washington doesn't give up many points to defenses at all, and you're looking at no Lewis and a very banged up (or out) Suggs. Pitt has given up a ton of points to defenses lately, and while Ben's back, there's no way he's 100%.

Originally Posted by Snipeshow View Post
TY Hilton vs. Titans
Danario Alexander at Steelers
The Steelers give up the least amount of points to WRs in all of football. I'd go Hilton.

Originally Posted by The Note View Post
Maclin @ TB

Santana Moss VS Baltimore

Chris Givens @ Buffalo
Givens has been real good lately, my guess is Amendola will be limited at best, and Maclin's just been terrible this year. I'd go Givens. The Ravens are decent enough against the pass so I feel like Moss would just be a gamble.

Originally Posted by ArcataShark View Post
I need two outta, Forte, Bryce Brown, Mikel Leshoure, Shonn Greene
Right now i'm thinking Forte, Brown
What do the wise minds think???
Also Brady vs. Luck I'm thinking Luck, but mostly cuz I don't like Tom Lady.
And Roddy White or Steve Smith??
I'd definitely go Brown, then I'd go Forte. LeShoure would be a close third with Greene a distant fourth. I'm not that worried about Brady's matchup, but Luck has almost been as good, and the Titans D doesn't have the potential Houston's does. I'd give Luck the edge. I'd definitely go Roddy over Smith.

Originally Posted by Leafer 21 View Post
2 of Locker/Wilson/Freeman
2 of Nicks/Lance Moore/Roddy White
Freeman's probably the best start, and Wilson's been real good lately so I'd go with him. I know the Saints pass D is terrible, but Nicks just isn't healthy this year. I'd go Roddy and Moore.

Originally Posted by GoBruins231 View Post
Do I risk Andre Roberts being healthy, or play Jerome Simpson instead?
You can't add anyone I assume? Simpson has done absolutely nothing all year. I'd take my chances with Roberts.

Originally Posted by DandyEvandy9 View Post
Start 2 of Wallace, M. Williams, Jennings, Forte. PPR
I really didn't wanna say Wallace, so I'm glad I don't have to. I'd definitely go Forte and Jennings.

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