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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
Well, I suppose one could view a demand of 5-year-limits as a return to meritocracy, or it could be viewed as the league attempting to idiot-proof the league. 1) Why would the players go all the way to 5 years from previously having no limit at all? 2) Because the owners can't control themselves? The players were willing to do 10, moderates talked them down to 8, and they will not go lower than that (according to James Mirtle), so they've already moved.
1) Didn't I suggest that the league compromise and go for a limit higher than 5? How is responding with that question at all constructive?

2)It's nothing to do with owners not being able to control themselves. As pointed out many times before, teams have no choice but to pay market rates for talent. Without mechanisms to limit how much players can extract from teams, owners would be well advised never to invest in an NHL team.

If you believe that the salary cap is good for the league, as I do, then its also possible to consider whether or not other measures could have a positive effect on the league.

Originally Posted by Proto View Post
If you want a meritocracy, how about clubs that suck and can't sign good contracts continue to suck and aren't bailed out by a system that creates false competitiveness? That sounds okay to me, anyway.

I also disagree in principle with a system that incentivizes players to stay with the same team: if a team is well managed, players will stay. They don't need built-in term advantages, which will inevitably lead to a spate of contract-swapping sign-and-trade deals like we see in the NBA. Boo-urns.
It's not that simple. No millionaire in his right mind would choose to live in a place like Edmonton or Winnipeg without some added incentive.

It would be easy enough to stop the sign and trade business: treat the bonus years as occurring at the beginning of the contract and attach mandatory NTCs to those portions of contracts.

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