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Originally Posted by victor View Post
Jordan Eberle was the 22nd player taken in the 2008 draft.

Since 2004, Edmonton has drafted Devan Dubnyk, Andrew Cogliano, Jeff Petry, Theo Peckham, Sam Gagner, Jordan Eberle, Anton Lander, and Magnus Paajarvi who have played in Edmonton. Those players, combined with the three first overalls, and Justin Schultz, and I'm less concerned about their ability to draft and develop young players.
Cogs was a bust. Gagner is in every trade rumor. And Paajarvi looks like a bust as well.

You also have to look at the state Edmonton has been in and that's using every young guy they have. I mean hell they even screwed up in 2003!

But since 2004 this is their first round picks (outside their 1st overall):
Devan Dubynk, Rob Schremp, Andrew Cogliano, Sam Gagner, Alex Plante, Riley Nash, Jordan Eberle, Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson, Oscar Klefbom.

Schremp, Cog, Plante, Nash, and to some extent Paajarvi-Svensson have all been busts. Klefbom has been injury prone. Dubnyk, Gagner and Eberle were good picks.

Since 2004 outside of that:

Roman Tesliuk, Geoff Paukovich, Liam Reddox, Bryan Young, Max Gordichuk, Stephane Goulet, Tyler Spurgeon, Bjorn Bjurling. All busts. Reddox is the only one that played 100 games and he left.

Taylor Chorney, Danny Syvret, Robby Dee, Chris Vande Velde, Vyacheslav Trukhno, Fredrik Petterson, Matthew Glassner. Chorney and Syvret aren't with the team. Vande Velde seems to get bounced around.

Jeff Petry, Theo Peckham, Bryan Pitton, Cody Wild and Alexander Bumagin. Better with Petry and Peckham developing.

Linus Omark, Milan Kytnar and William Quist. I'll give you Omark.

Johan Motin, Phillippe Cornet, Teemu Hartikainen, Jordan Bendfeld. Hartikainen looks good. Motin doesn't even look to be on the team anymore. Neither does Bendfeld. Cornet is in still in the system.

2009 is a bit mixed since they have the NCAA guys and it's too early too tell. Going to stop at 2008.

27 prospects picked. Hartikainen, Petry, Peckham, Omark, Cornet, and Vande Velde
seem to be the only ones that stuck with the team.

Minnesota has pretty much the same record as Edmonton up to that point.

Kassian, Clutterbuck, Stoner, Lorenz, Falk, Scandella are guys from that era we have developing or did develop.

2004 (ick)

Roman Voloshenko, Peter Olvecky, Clayton Stoner, Ryan Jones, Patrick Bordeleau, Julien Sprunger, Jean Claude Sawyer, Aaron Boogaard, Jean-Michel Rizk, Anton Khudobin and Kyle Wilson. Not a steller bunch.

2005 (double ick)

Benoit Pouliot, Matt Kassian, Kristofer Westblom, Kyle Bailey, Morten Madsen, Anthony Aiello, Riley Emmerson.

Ondrej Fiala. Cal Clutterbuck. Kyle Medvec. Niko Hovinen. Julian Walker. Chris Hickey.

Justin Falk, Cody Almond, Harri Ilvonen, Carson McMillan.

Marco Scandella, Sean Lorenz, Eero Elo

30 picks. 6 out of that. Not a stellar group at all. And we canned the guy for that. After 2008, Riser was kicked to the curb.

Originally Posted by SMantzas View Post
Goaltending is easy. Look how well Theo did Florida, Vokoun in Florida, Anderson in Colorado, Nabby in Long Island
Theo did well in Montreal, in Washington and in Colorado. He's a backup. Vokoun as well. Did well in Nashville. Anderson was bad in Colorado after one good year. Nabby was great in San Jose.

The thing is, you didn't mention how bad other goaltending picks were. It's hit or miss like any other position.

Originally Posted by SMantzas View Post
above average who werent original draft picks.....


Plenty of examples
Really, Niemi? Niemi?

Mike Smith is due to outstanding coaching from Tippet. Remember what he was like in Tampa Bay? Halak cost a lot. Lehtonen cost a lot. Nabakov was a weird situation. Theodore is a journeyman. Niemi sucks. Rask was due to stupidity. Varlomov cost a 1st round pick. Kipper two 2nd round draft picks.

Originally Posted by SMantzas View Post
Look around the league. I bet at least half the starting goalies arent original draft picks
New York Rangers- Lundqvist (original)
Boston Bruins - Thomas (FA)
Florida - Theodore (FA)
Pittsburgh - Fleury (original)
Philadelphia - Bryz (trade/FA)
New Jersey - Brodeur (original)
Washington - Vokoun (FA)
Ottawa - Anderson (trade)
Buffalo - Miller (original)
Tampa Bay - Garon (FA)
Winnipeg - Pavalec (original)
Carolina - Ward (Original)
Toronto - Gustavsson (FA)
New York Islanders - Nabakov (FA)
Montreal - Price - (original)

7/15 teams

Mind you Florida and Ottawa could be moving to their own goaltenders along with Washington.

Anaheim - Hiller (FA)
Calgary - Kipper (Trade)
Chicago - Crawford (Original)
Colorado - Varmalov (Trade)
Columbus - Mason (Original)
Dallas - Lehtonen (trade)
Detroit - Howard (original)
Edmonton - Dubynk (original)
Los Angeles - Quick (original)
Minnesota- Backstrom (FA)
Predators - Rinne (original)
Phoenix - Smith (FA)
San Jose - Niemi (FA)
St. Louis - Halak (Trade)
Vancouver - Luongo (Trade)


13/30 came from their original teams, 7 came from trades (which means teams had to give up something), and 10 came from FA. And the FA looks pretty bad.

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