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12-08-2012, 02:31 AM
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Originally Posted by AlmightyPO View Post
Thing is with Luongo we move more into win now, and while Frattin, Biggs and to some extent Ashton take some of the heat away from losing Kulemin, they don't do it immediately. Ya I would be fine with that condition, either way I just want to avoid giving up lottery picks.

Overall I would counter with:
Kulemin+1st (top 10 protected) for Lu
(this value is the absolute highest I would go)

Kadri+ Mac/Connonlly/Lombardi/Franson/Bozak + 1st (top 10 protected) for Lu

Firstly when I said "we agreed to a deal" I was talking about specifically Vankiller Whale and I not Canuck fans in general, which obviously cannot be done.

I agree that Leafs and Canucks are not the best trading partners, but I think realistically if Luongo is going to move in the immediate (he doesn't have to move right now though) it will be to Toronto since I think we are the only real option AT THIS POINT. Who knows what would happen if Gillis waits.

Frattin is doing pretty well right now in the Marlies, and Finn to many Leaf fans and Burke was a huge steal, making them what I see as non-starters.

Deal wise it seems to depend on each person you talk with, so hard to say exactly what Gillis will be expecting. I think at the end of the day the centre piece of the deal will be cap space and some decent prospects/roster players and a pick if they are dealing with Toronto.

By adding a player I meant more to balance contract limits and nothing significant, aka a dump/mid level prospect.

Personally though that deal is a bit too high for my liking since like I probably wouldn't do Kadri+Kulemin in the same deal.
Fair enough, but did you read my valuation explanation and included cap savings on new offer. Don't you think the second lineup is stronger and deeper? Also costs less..... I added more to my post after you quoted, check it out you might be pleasantly surprised. Re-quote maybe.

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