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Originally Posted by malkinfan View Post
Interesting perspective...At the end of the day, he has a Gagarin cup ring. Thats what its all about. BTW he was a league all star and was a human highlight real last season. .
Your right, there are obviously problems with his attitude, but radulov has attitude problems too, it hasnt stopped him any. Its just he's the face of the league so everyone has to bend over and kiss his ass.
I just want to see this guy making highlights on the ice and not in the media because there is so much damn talent at waste there.
Mukhachev has won 2 Gagarin Cups. So what?

He NEVER was a league all star, just the best player on one of the worst teams who got traded to a contender before the deadline. Cheechoo was a league all star for one season. So what again?

btw it was Znarok who allowed him to become the playoff hero last year. Now all of a sudden Znarok is part of some conspiracy to ruin Anisin's career according to Anisin. This guy is nuts. And btw if you do some research you will find some unpleasant rumors about how Mr.Anisin has become the playoff hero. But theese are only rumors, all right.

There is always a guy having the playoffs of his life. That doesn't necessarily mean he can repeat it or deserves a wildcard for the rest of his career: a neat roster spot, a pay raise and a chocolate on the pillow.

As for Radulov... He got his ass kicked in Kazan last time I saw him live. Nobody is bending over for him. That's a totally different case. Radulov has by far more talent than Anisin. Radulov is a head case, but a very talented one. He also never spilled the sh* bucket over his surroundings in public like Anisin did. His one twitter "accident" is still the running gag of the league. It was ONCE, and I do think Radulov understood he crossed a line there. Anisin just can't shut his mouth since tha last year's playoffs. He dosn't seem to learn.

If we stay just hockey related: Anisin has good hands, but he's 164cm, 68kg. That's just not enough to survive out there. Theo Fleury isn't much taller, but he had 20kg! more weight in his playing days.

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