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12-08-2012, 02:51 AM
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Originally Posted by BeBen View Post
How? it has no ties to the TV show or the comics except two minor characters in the first episode and it's not considered canon

Non-sense argument
Not really if you can't see the correlation between one of the most watched tv shows of all time sharing the same name with a semi-popular game that had a **** load of game breaking flaws then you're blind. I could careless if a game made a bunch of ******* cry, lets just forget all the other emotions that games bring out of people.

I'm glad Telltale is doing better though, now they won't close ... most of their games have been dismal lately. It will be interesting if the fadish love for TWD carries over for season 2 of the game.

And Skyrim? What a joke, the fact that the games popularity spiked after Oblivion just speaks wonders about the people who play it.

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