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Originally Posted by Karitimes View Post
Not true, at the time it was a steal and and it was quite apparent it cost the team no part of their future. The only question was could Dallas salvage Kari from poor health and even poorer training habits.

The first part of your sentence may have been correct at one point Vish was a good D prospect. So was Barker. But when it came down to the timing of Kari's acquistion, like I said, it didn't cost alot.
A former 1st round pick isn't a lot?

It wasn't a steal. Lehtonen was heading toward becoming a bust and at the time, Dallas had an abundance of good defensive prospects but Vish was one of their top prospects. He never panned out, that's what happens.

So would you be okay trading Klefbom for a goaltender like Lehtonen? Hell would you trade Klefbom for Helenius? That would be a similar situation. A solid defensive prospect for a former 1st round pick that isn't working out.

BTW here's some articles about the trade at the time:

First, I understand the pain and anger involved with a team's number one prospect is traded away for an injury prone goaltender who is going to be a restricted free agent. But here's my guess on why the Stars were willing to part with Vishnevksiy: I don't think that Joe Nieuwendyk was as high on him as the rest of us were. The Stars have had the chance to see what he can do a few times this season, and he never did much to force the Stars to give him more games. And while he was a starter in the AHL all-star game, his numbers weren't what you would expect from a player billed as the next Sergei Zubov. On the other hand, Nieuwendyk has come out and said several times this season that the team is very high on Philip Larsen, a big defensemen playing in Sweden.

As far as Kari Lehtonen goes..well, the Stars are acquiring a goaltender with a ton of potential. The injury history is troubling, but there's a chance that a move to Dallas lights a fire in him and he lives up to the goaltender many thought he was while playing in the AHL.

If the Stars were going to acquire a goaltender any more established than Lehtonen, then the price would most likely have been higher. Be careful to judge this trade right away; this was a gamble by the Stars but it has the potential to be a great move. Or it could be a bust. We'll see.

Originally Posted by Chaos View Post
Surely Nieuwendyk isnt dumb enough to actually send them Vish.
Originally Posted by Stars99Lobo37 View Post
Please don't be Ivan.
Originally Posted by TangoMcBride View Post

Time to start a fire Nieuwy thread.
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It may be Ivan. Oh dear god.
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Wow, Joe is a lot dumber than I thought. Not that I mind getting Lehtonen, but should he really have cost IV?
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Joe is going to really look stupid and I doubt ownership is going to be happy with him if/when the stars have to trade/waive Auld because theres no place for Turco to go.
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a little overpayment to say the least
I was mistaken; at one point Vish was the top rated prospect for Dallas for some sites.

So, trying to change the story on this trade and saying it wasn't a lot for an injury prone goaltender that was still developing and may never developed, is a lie.

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