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Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
A former 1st round pick isn't a lot?
For the third time, no, a former late first round pick who is obviously not a part of the teams future is nothing to give up for a shot at what the GM thought was an elite goalie in a bad situation. If it was a future 1st round pick it's another story.

Vishnevsky was a former 20 something overall pick who was not going to sniff the NHL beyond the cup of coffee he'd seen up until the time he was dealt. So if he's worth alot, by your same logic Cam Barker, who is now on an AHL contract, must be worth alot alot because he was a 4th overall pick and actually played a fairly significant time in the NHL.

Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
It wasn't a steal. Lehtonen was heading toward becoming a bust and at the time, Dallas had an abundance of good defensive prospects but Vish was one of their top prospects. He never panned out, that's what happens.
So because Lehtonen was heading toward being a bust and your friends told you so it must have been so. And it's clearly ok to characterize Lehtonen as a bust even though he was a 2nd overall pick on a one-way contract, but no way would we want to characterize Vishnevsky the first rounder on a two-way in such a way. But to be clear this wasn't and still isn't a steal?

Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
So would you be okay trading Klefbom for a goaltender like Lehtonen? Hell would you trade Klefbom for Helenius? That would be a similar situation. A solid defensive prospect for a former 1st round pick that isn't working out.
I don't care about Klefbom at all. I don't pretend I know things about players I don't care about. For all I know he's the next Vishnevsky.

Edit: So I looked into Helenius with his 1 NHL game. Up to the point of Lehtonen being dealt to Dallas he'd won everything he could win in the SMLiiga as a teenager and had played 200 games in the NHL with half of those being wins on a bad team. I don't really see how Riku's situation would be comparable to Lehtonen's, but to answer your question, in this particular instance you'd probably do just as well to hang on to Klefbom because chances are he'll play more than the 5 games Vishnevsky did or more than the 1 Helenius did.

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