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12-08-2012, 05:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Huffer View Post
But do you think that this board overrates their prospects MORE than all the other boards?

I find that extreamly hard to believe based on what I read on other boards as well as the main boards.

Of course the home board of each team is going to be a place where the fans discuss and dream about the future "possibilities".

But I haven't seen Jets fans out in the other boards pumping their prospects as much as other fans.

How many pages in the World Junior thread is dedicated to guys like Corrado, Ouellet, and Sproul?

Besides putting Scheifele in their lineups, I don't see anyone pumping up his tires.

Same as the Trouba thread. Pretty dead in there, I don't see many people pumping him up either.

Considering many here are hoping that lowry can turn into a Peplinski and not Lucic or Neely, and Trouba into a Foote and not a Stevens, I think many here at least try not to be too pie in the sky compared to other boards. A lot of other boards have their prospects as future HOF'rs.

Those are my observations though, your's might be different.
I agree that our board doesn't pump the tires of our prospects as much as a lot of other fan bases do, but some have a tendency to overcompensate IMO. When other prospects are brought up like Couturier, Strome or Hamilton, there seems to be a need to knock them down for no other reason, but to boast Scheifele. That's what my main point was. If we had drafted Couturier or Hamilton, then we'd most likely be praising them as we do Scheifele. If Scheifele was drafted by another team besides the Jets, then he wouldn't get the same praise as he currently does IMO. To me that's where the bias comes into play. I can understand there's going to be some bias related to our teams players, but why knock on those other prospects at the same time when they're highly thought of in other NHL circles around the league?

Personally, I like your comparisons of our prospects. I think they're fair and realistic. I try to keep an unbiased position when relating to our prospects, but I do have some that make it more difficult to do than others.

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