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12-08-2012, 06:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
I'm surprised people view this as a "clownfest". This is the essence of negotiating. It's akin to a war.

Fehr is a master negotiator. So is Bettman. In fact, the way I view this is that Bettman attempted to trap Fehr but couldn't do it all the way, which frustrated Gary. Fehr having a presser prior to the NHL's rejection (expected IMO) saved his skin IMO. It was a very cunning maneuver on his part. He painted optimism to show his constituents that he's willing to deal, while Bettman and the NHL did everything they could to paint him doing otherwise.

Something you said about Fehr reminded me of Musashi (geek out a bit here). Miyamoto Musashi would show up to duels late on purpose. He would taunt but never get angered. There was no frustration... which in turn incited frustration. Lastly, he would spread innuendo long prior to his actual duels so as to "set the table" and then totally change the game at the last minute, defying expectations. Fehr is doing all of this --> And it's getting to the owners. They are very weary of him now. So much so that they will try to get deals done in his absence - and make those deals contingent on is prolonged absence (as Hainsey intimated).

Fehr is going to push the NHL to the brink (mid January). And if the NHL is stupid enough to go past that stage without budging on contract limits, they're in for world of hurt beyond that point... When the PA decertifies.
So Fehr was brought in to do nothing and let the PA decertify? What a leader. Come here, play a few games, act like an idiot then let us commit career suicide by dercertifying and trying to sue our bosses. If they win the lawsuits they might ruin the NHL and therefore their jobs, if they lose, which is more likely, the NHL would have them in a noose and the NHL would offer 35% HRR at best.

No wonder he is working for free, he isn't actually doing anything.

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