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Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post
Really for the players this 5yr max could work in their favour much like linkage did in the last CBA.

Let's say RNH signs a 5yr 6M deal when he is 21. Now during those 5 years he not only proves he is a top 5 playmaker in the league but the salary cap goes up by 10M. Now he comes back at 26 just heading into his prime and able to command more money than could have 5yrs earlier.

The flip side is that if during those 5 years he gets permanently injured then he gets screwed. BUt he could make way more money by renewing his contract every 5 years.

If it wasn't for the security of a long term deal I don't know why any young superstar wants to lock himself in to a long contract. IF he keeps getting better and more important to his team than he should keep getting paid more as he progresses.

I think 5yr max is good for the game, good for the players and good for the fans.
Don't forget that he could under the NHL's proposal sign a 7 year deal with his own team.

The two sides h ave to split the difference 10 year deal with a longer max contract length or a 8 year deal with a shorter max. contract length.

The deal is there and in sight! Losing a season will not resolve anything! All that happens is make whole goes away and they start all over again! Get it done ofr gods sake. It's too close to give up now! Money is solved so what the hell is the hold up!

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