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12-08-2012, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Dan-o16 View Post
I can't tell you if they're big in Canada, but they were certainly big in the US. However, from my experience, bands like that can just explode in Germany in ways they won't in the US/Canada. I remember one winter I was in Germany (3-4 years ago?), and the radio basically alternated between Coldplay and the Killers. I found it a bit ridiculous.

Also, I don't think that I'm alone in feeling pretty ambivalent about the albums after Funeral. I liked the way they sounded like an orchestral ensemble on stage in that album, complete with noise and off-key notes. Neighborhood #2 (Laika) is one of my all-time favorite songs. Nothing quite like it since.


Thanks Dan-o!

Yep, I've heard a number of folks mention that Funeral is their favorite, most particularly a Montreal native who was a teammate of mine who said several songs on that album are, for him, the pure description of nights out on the town in a snowy winter. I think some of the music magazines I've read still refer to it as their best album.

Then again, that's often the case with a band like this that arrives on the scene with an album that captivates and becomes a big indie hit, getting rave reviews in the process. I'd still say that the first albums by bands like Kings of Leon and the Killers were clearly their best, especially for what they offered in the moment and the wave they were part of, which might have gained more attention here than Stateside for that matter, especially in KofL's case.

I first discovered AF via 'Black Mirror', which immediately captivated me. Sure, it contains a level of naivity and pomp, but the build-up and the orchestral phase that sets in after the second "Une, deux, trois, une miroire noire", driven by the snare (I believe) beat just had me clicking on the repeat button regularly. Neon Bible became my album of the hour and thus, remains the most important piece they've created for me personally.

This said, I didn't care much for The Suburbs at first, but as time has gone by I've really come to appreciate it. I think from a technical standpoint, it's simply their best work and shows a certain maturity without completely abondoning their calling card.

Some of the last few concerts I've been to here were Kasabian, Doves (both UK), Interpol (NYC) and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (San Fran). How well-known might bands like these be stateside, or up in the NYC area at the nowadays?

PS) Your time in Germany: If that was when 'Human' was out, then you are sooooo right. They KILLED that song on the radio here, one I surely didn't care for in the least to begin with. But the 'dancefloor' direction offered by that song clearly allowed it to be a mainstreamer hereabouts.

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