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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I've become a little skeptical of the value of Lumley's two 1st Team All Star nods. They happened during the period of time when the 1st Team alway went to the goalie with the lowest GAA (who played a minimum number of games). And that on its own doesn't mean they weren't deserved, but the fact that Lumley got so few votes in seasons when he didn't lead the league in GAA makes me seriously question whether he was actually better than Sawchuk those two seasons

Edit: I had Lumley over Worsley when I submitted my list before discussion; now I'm not so sure about that
Or it's possibly just a case of catching lightning in a bottle? Not totally unheard of at any point of hockey history.

Though I agree that without those seasons, we're possibly looking at a Top-50 goalie of all-time instead of a Top-30. Not sure whether those two great season were effectively better than Vachon's two great seasons (75 and 77) though, even if Vachon actually ended up with a 2nd AST instead of a 1st (possibly due to playing with a sorta weak team... and more teams in the league).

Lumley was a bit young in the 40ies, but SEEMS to have been the 5th best goalie in the league in the Post-WWII era. And his 1st AST seasons were crowned with a 1-8 record in the playoffs. Granted, goalies shouldn't be expected to win many games when their team scores less than 1.75 goals a game, but Lumley also gave more than 3 goals in game in those playoffs as well -- more than one goal a game over his season average. Playing against Detroit didn't help in that regards, though.

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