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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
Lumley was a bit young in the 40ies, but SEEMS to have been the 5th best goalie in the league in the Post-WWII era. And his 1st AST seasons were crowned with a 1-8 record in the playoffs. Granted, goalies shouldn't be expected to win many games when their team scores less than 1.75 goals a game, but Lumley also gave more than 3 goals in game in those playoffs as well -- more than one goal a game over his season average. Playing against Detroit didn't help in that regards, though.
I agree that Lumley was probably the 5th best goalie in the league quite a bit, with the possible exception of his two big seasons in Toronto, and even in those seasons I'm not sure he stood out that much relative to the pack (although it is harder to do so against the five best goalies in the world of course):

Sawchuk .933
Lumley .923
McNeil .922
Bower .922
Henry .913
Rollins .905

Lumley .929
Sawchuk .926
Plante .925
Worsley .915
Henderson .900
Rollins .892

The other thing with Lumley is that he was the most well-travelled goalie of the original six era, but looking at the teams before and after they had him, it doesn't seem like he made much of a positive difference at all:

Traded from Detroit to Chicago:

Brimsek in Chicago (1949-50): 22-38-10, 3.49
Sawchuk in Detroit (1950-51): 44-13-13, 1.99

Lumley in Detroit (1949-50): 33-16-14, 2.35
Lumley in Chicago (1950-51): 12-41-10, 3.90

Traded from Chicago to Toronto:

Rollins in Toronto (1951-52): 29-24-16, 2.22
Rollins in Chicago (1952-53): 27-28-15, 2.50

Lumley in Chicago (1951-52): 17-44-9, 3.46
Lumley in Toronto (1952-53): 27-30-13, 2.39

Traded from Toronto to Chicago:

Lumley in Toronto (1955-56): 21-28-10, 2.67
Backups in Toronto (1955-56): 3-5-3, 1.87
Chadwick in Toronto (1956-57): 21-34-15, 2.66

Traded from Chicago to Boston:

Sawchuk/Simmons in 1956-57: 31-19-10, 2.40
Lumley in Boston (1957-58 to 1959-60): 35-33-9, 3.16
Simmons in Boston (1957-58 to 1959-60): 51-53-20, 2.95

I'm not sure how fair it is to Lumley to make those comparisons across seasons, but it's not exactly evidence in his favour, although it does not include his two best seasons since they came in the middle of his Toronto tenure.

The other concerning thing about Lumley is that he was basically finished as a starting goalie in the NHL at the age of 29, which is quite early for that period. Lumley did have a lot of mileage on him at that point since he broke in so young, but he was beat out in Chicago training camp by Al Rollins in 1956, and played the 1956-57 season for Buffalo in the AHL on a team that missed the playoffs. He then mostly backed up Don Simmons from 1957-58 to 1959-60, although Lumley did take over as starter at times, both during the 1959 playoffs and for much of the 1959-60 season.

Lumley does kind of give the impression of a goalie that was a bit of a prodigy that was perfectly positioned to break into the league early during WWII when the regular goalies were overseas and just kind of hang around as an unspectacular original six goalie for a long time with a couple of very good seasons in there on good defensive teams. That certainly has value but I'm not sure if it's top 30 value. For now I have Gump Worsley comfortably ahead of Lumley because I think his results are better given their respect team contexts.

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