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12-08-2012, 08:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Henriks Broadway Hat View Post
In regards to the clownfest that was yesterday, both parties are at fault here.

First, it's Fehr, constantly showing up late, presenting the same offer, starting with de-liked BS proposals. Brainwashing his players into thinking that they're going to get a better deal if they wait it out. It wasn't a coincidence that as soon as Fehr entered the room again, the train derailed, and everything spun out of control.

Then yesterday happens. I cannot fathom how you can possibly know that A is only going to happen if you agree to B, you don't agree to B, and then you go and tell the media on national television that A has been solved. Where did B go? Oh right, you just basically lied to the media, and to hockey fans, who provide your players with their money.

As for Bettman, Daly, and the owners, they are no less at fault here. The first proposal was a joke. It was waste of time. I still don't know what they were expected when they tabled that joke. I'm not going to use the old excuse of "Why don't you honor the contracts you signed?" because this is a sports CBA, and these regular things don't apply here.

And I understand that Fehr acted like a clown when he said "Thanks for A, but we're not doing B." but that doesn't mean that you go ahead and act like clowns back. If this voicemail BS was true, then that's a new low. Might as well send a text. Are you a teenage boy breaking up with his girlfriend?

Bettman's presser reminded me of a little child who has just finally decided to share his toys, and then, after two minutes, throws a tantrum demanding them back. "Everything is off the table!!"

Each side has been unreasonable, and it feels like each side is run by a bunch of man-babies with deep pockets. There are people who depend on this CBA being set into action-and I don't mean the fan. I mean Joe Arenaworker, who, if lucky, has had his hours cut, only because the arena he worked in has an NBA team. And for an arena without an NBA team, Joe Arenaworker is struggling to pay his mortgage, or send his child to college.

You've gone too far. You can't cancel the season or cut off talks, or pout at each other like some 6-year-olds. Enough with the "He Said, He Said." Man up. Get into a room together, put your egos aside, get this done, and you will all be back to making money.

You need to take a 2 hour crash course in economics or just some critical thinking.

I do not mean that to be offensive in any way. But the NHL has been beyond generous. If they actually took a hard-line stance on keeping the business of the NHL good going forward they would go with 55/45 in their favor no less. Probably 60/40 would be better at this point.

Let's do the simple version of this.

NFL = 50/50 split = 11 billion = 5.5 billion each = 32 owners.
NHL = 50/50 split =3.3 billion = 1.65 billion each = 30 owners.

Get it?

the Owners need to stop the madness. Offer the players a 50/50 that drop's to 55/45 over a decade, fix revenue sharing, and all the little things. Then throw in big bonus money possibilities based on revenue so that cost certainty allows natural growth, not artificial.

Like milking so many fans for every dollar in the 5-15 or level revenue teams. With ticket prices going up and up and making Canadians pay insane money in smaller markets to "compete". It's a joke. Owners would gladly lower ticket prices big time as long as they make money or break even.

Who's profit's have gone up the last 10 years or so?

In 2005 players got 1.05 billion or so. They got 1.65-1.7 billion last year. They had their salaries on an annual basis go up by almost 700,000,000 MILLION DOLLARS BY 2011 IN TOTAL ALMOST 100 MILLION A YEAR IN INCREASED PROFIT, TAKE HOME, PAY CHECK, PROFIT(BEFORE TAXES) BUT STILL, WHAT THE HELL DO THEY HAVE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT.

How can any NHL player hate Uncle Gary's last deal that brought them that. While his owner's still lost money and more money as the player share kept increasing.

No Sir, Gary wasn't crying he was done with how stupid these players are. What other organization in the world of employee's 750 or so who gain 700 MILLION DOLLARS IN PROFITS IN 7-8 YEARS CRY WHEN YOU SAY YOU'RE SHARE IS BIT OUT OF PROPORTION WITH COST'S. SO YOU MIGHT MAKE 650 MILLION MORE THAN YOU DID 8 YEARS AGO FOR A YEAR OR TWO BUT BY BY 2014 YOU WILL BE BACK OVER THAT, BY 2018 AT A BILLION.

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