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12-08-2012, 08:44 AM
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He'll explain that the players missing 1.89b was out of their control. That the owners continuously demanded more and more, and were not interested in negotiating. And that the players did give up more than 1B and contracting rights, and it wasn't enough.

Oddly it's pretty much what the NHL is saying. PA moved goal posts, wasn't interested in getting a deal, and when the NHL did give up more money, and dropped some of their contracting rights, it wasn't enough.

Clearly they didn't hear Modano or Guerin who that missing a season doesn't make any sense unless the NHL is trying to remove guaranteed contracts.

"Itís not as if Donald Fehr was lying to us, several players said. Rather, itís as if he has been economical with information, these players believe, not sharing facts these players consider to be vital."
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