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12-08-2012, 08:57 AM
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Players Starting to Ask Uncomfortable Questions of NHLPA Leadership

It’s not as if Donald Fehr was lying to us, several players said. Rather, it’s as if he has been economical with information, these players believe, not sharing facts these players consider to be vital.

Some of his pronouncements have become an embarrassment, at least half a dozen players agreed.

Such as?

Such as the NHLPA is dead-set against the 10-year term for the new collective bargaining agreement because it wouldn’t be fair to young players. They might be joining the league in the future, and, by extension, they would be joining the NHLPA. Yet, they had no say when the new CBA had been crafted.

So much nonsense, those players agreed.

If Donald Fehr means it, why not demand we have a new CBA with every new season? After all, each season sees a crop of rookies coming in.

So, guys, what are you going to do about it?

The replies, in more than a dozen versions, were actually quite similar: we’re talking amongst ourselves and once we feel the time is right, we’ll come out with an official statement, making our demands (and questions) public and official.

But if they were to go public with their concerns would that not be a form of blackmail against their own union?

It is, several of the players conceded, but if we don’t stand up for ourselves, who’s going to do it on our behalf? Definitely not Donald Fehr and his supporters.

This saga isn’t over yet.

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