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12-08-2012, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
I dunno, the fact you're so defensive about Gardiner's value must mean he isn't worth it and people need convincing.

So why are we discussing the hypothetical scenario he is trying to force a trade when there is no proof, no legitimacy to the scenario and no one will ever in a million years agree to your perceived value of him in that scenario? You don't see me posting a thread saying that Kulikov signed in the KHL and that could mean there is a slim chance he wants out of Florida and should be traded to the Avs.

Not my fault you're operating under a delusion to try to convince people O'Reilly's value is less than we see him as.
Holy, did I say that is the guaranteed reason, that the Avs should just sell him on the spot! The difference between Kulikov and O'Rielly is that Kulikov signed a "lockout deal" a deal that requires him to return upon signing of the new CBA, O'Reilly on the other hand did not. Therefore, we are not sure of the reason, and any of the reason mentioned can be a realistic possibility. If it is the first two than his value will not change, if its the latter then it will seriously be diminished. This also has nothing to do with Gardiner, look at my first post in this thread, the fact that your trying to attack me is ridiculous even.

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