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12-08-2012, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Rob Brown View Post
Did you watch ANY Leafs games last year? How about any Marlies games this year? I don't think anyone has said he's a top pairing now, but he has the potential to be, which is completely reasonable.
Is that even a question? Its pretty much impossible to not watch the Leafs in Canada... And yes Ive even been watching the Marlies a bit thos year...

I dont doubt that he has top Pairing potential, and I didnt say he didnt. But the guy I quoted suggested he was a Top pairing Dman already.

Even so, the Avs have no interest in trading a guy like Oreilly for potential. Oreilly just led all Avs players in points, with 55 while leading the ENITRE NHL in takeaways, which I believe is the first year in 2 or 3 that Datsyuk didnt lead it... He even recieved some votes for the Selke at age 21.

Even if Oreilly were to never progress any furthur then where he's at now, he'd be considered a very good #2 C or weak #1C, and he's still only 21.

Now the same could be said for Gardiner to an extent, but Gardiner is a year or two behind Oreilly on the development charts IMO, and the Avs at this point are for the most part finnished with the rebuild and IMO wont move Oreilly unless its for someone similar to him in development. A young top pairing Dman with the poetnial to become a #1.

And for what its worth, I do think one day Gardiner will become a good Top pairing Dman, a #2, but I dont believe he has what it takes to be a #1.

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