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12-08-2012, 09:31 AM
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Gretzky and Babe Ruth because they both dominated their sport statistically in a way no one else has, they were also larger than life.

Lemieux and Jordan based on sheer talent

Mantle and Hull for a lot of reasons as mentioned before. But another thing, heck, the looked like each other in a way. And yeah, both may not have been the best husbands in the world. Mantle was a serial philanderer, something he felt very sorry for at the end of his life and Hull at least has the allegations of being abusive although I'll leave it at an "allegation".

Brett Hull and Ali. Both had big mouths. Both seemed to back it up. Both were loathed to an extent because of their mouths.

Bobby Orr and Sandy Koufax. Both were incredible at their positions. Both won championships and were the key ingredient to winning. Both retired very early due to injuries. If there was a defenseman you'd want on your team for one game it is Bobby Orr. If there is a pitcher to pitch for just one important game, many take Koufax, including me.

Paul Henderson and............Roger Maris? Okay, here me out. Both did something that transcended their game. Neither is in their Hall of Fame but each did a thing that I don't think can ever be duplicated (honestly, Maris still hasn't had his single season HR record broken by a non-steroid user. Thanks for that Bug Selig and Donald Fehr, yes, Donald Fehr).

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