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Originally Posted by Sour Shoes View Post
even JR, hardliner that he was in 2004, said the players should sign the ****ing thing.
A lot of the retired players like to become moderates or pro-owners once they no longer have anything to gain.

As for the topic, can we not ask the same about Bettman. The players knew everything about Fehr when they hired him. They knew he lost a post-season in baseball (due to a strike, NOT lockout), and hired him anyways because they knew he would fight to the death. And they know for that, baseball players were rewarded handsomely. Fehr has been through enough character assassinations that he probably doesn't care. He's not in this for long-term gain, and within 5 years he'll likely be gone, win or lose.

But again, how about Bettman? How does he explain to owners that he had to cancel a whole season a SECOND time, against two different PA executive directors? All the Torontos and New Yorks and Philadelphia and Vancouvers dealt with it one time, a second time for the sake of Phoenixes and such who can't draw flies? After the last time a season was lost that eventually during the summer they essentially got to write the CBA and had the players sign? Bettman will have more hell to pay than Fehr.

For these reasons, it won't happen. Not enough separates the two.

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