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Originally Posted by alkurtz View Post
Being a member of a union means being part of something bigger than yourself. It means sometimes you need to sacrifice for the common good and for those who will come after you. It might mean a substantial financial sacrifice. It might mean taking a stand on principal. It might mean that you need to fight for the concept that you are entitled, by the dint of your talent and hard work, to a major portion of the profit an industry makes because of your skill.

What makes hockey so unique among all the major sports is the concept of team and sacrificing for your brothers sitting next to you on the bench. It means standing up to the bully intimidating some of your players. A union is a team built on workers loyalty to each other, as is a hockey team.

So yes, ownership is to blame. We should all admire players who are giving up their salaries, especially since their careers are finite.

So what exactly is the PA fighting for? How does PA explain the lost 1.89B to it's members?

How does those "brothers" explain the fact they will lose 1.89B and most likely end up getting a worse deal than they are currently offered?

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