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Originally Posted by therealkoho View Post
Tanenbaum is a savvy businessman and quite ruthless in his own right otherwise his success would be miniscule.

To have him say he was taken aback by the duplicitous behaviour of Don Fair, is saying a lot. As an owner in the MLS&E empire and as a head honcho in the construction business, he no doubt has seen a lot of ******-baggery up close and personal.

While the owners are no angels the problem in these negotiations is now self-evident
That's the way the league is trying to spin it for sure but if you read the Hainsey article up on TSN it sounds like the league was trying to pin a breakdown on Fehr, that as soon as the players asked to bring their representative back in to finish up the deal the owners acted as if that would kill the negotiations.

Call me cynical but I see a hell of a lot of manipulation of the fans, the media and the players not at the table coming out of this latest blow up and the whole meeting without Gary and Don in the room scenario from the offer of the meeting in the first place right down to the emotional explosion press conference at the end.

To me it sounds like the league never had any intention to give up anything in these negotiations it was more a tactic to try and break the union and cut Fehr out.

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