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12-08-2012, 11:14 AM
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Do CEGEPs really provide anything decent with respect to liberal arts education?

Many of us know the CEGEP liberal arts drill:

- 4 French-language literature classes+2 English classes (or 4 English-language literature classes and 2 French classes in an Anglophone CEGEP)
- 3 philosophy courses
- 2 elective courses outside the DEC's field

I contemplated going abroad for graduate school but I'd have to TA at all the locales I considered. That, in itself, is not a big deal, since I'd have to TA in a Canadian university also. But, if I am to TA at a given school, I think it's best to know at least a little bit what the students there go through, especially if I start out TAing introductory courses.

And, if I go to the US for graduate school, I realized most undergraduate programs require more than 15 credits (split the requirements above in two so as to spread them out in high school senior year and first-year university) of liberal arts education requirements, so I know the ones I'd have in my classes as a TA in the US just don't live the same educational experience as I would if I TAed in a Quebec university.

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