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12-08-2012, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Budsfan View Post
Here's why we're still close to a deal.
By Pierre LeBrun |
I've had a hard time disagreeing with Lebruns opinions lately. I've pretty much agreed with everything hes said about the situation.

After this latest fiasco of pure stupidity and selfishness from the players and owners alike to not work together to get a deal done. Im at the point were Im just disinterested in this whole useless and time wasting process that they are partaking in. They should honestly just not talk or say anything to the media and fans until they get this stupid thing signed. Enough with trying to get us to choose a side, we don't care about who gets how much money, or how long your CBA is, or your contracts. We just want to watch hockey again and cheer for our Leafs (even if they are ****).

Show us some respect for once you selfish selfish people.

/end rant.

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