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12-08-2012, 11:22 AM
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This lockout has happened because of greed and IMO both sides are to blame, the players for upward spiraling contracts and owners under Bettman's hand, by expanding a game into areas that couldn't care less about hockey.

All this means is more financial support, from profitable teams, or more specifically the fans of those teams, ponying up more money to support teams and players in those areas, to keep on playing in venues, where the players on the team exceed the audience.

In this article Bettman says he has to make a good deal, so they won't have more losing teams, "Good Grief"!, why not just dump those teams and distribute the better players to teams where they will be appreciated and the other players will have to play elsewhere but no, we are supposed to support this good ole boys club.

Shannon on lockout: NHL franchises in trouble

"Gary, are you concerned that franchises will be in peril if there is no hockey this season?"

The answer was just a simple, yet had much more meaning: "My bigger concern is if we make the wrong deal we'll have more franchises in jeopardy."

And that, in a nut shell, is why there was no agreement in New York City this week. It is a message that the NHL really has not trumpeted enough during this lock out. As wealthy as some teams are there are other in this league riddled with debt. And before you jump up and yell, that the teams are in the wrong locales, stop it! This isn't a public trust, it's a private club. A business where the owners decide where the teams play. If you don't like that, tough! It's a private business, with economic issues that need to be addressed. And the players and the owners both bear the responsibility of addressing those issues.
All the above of course, says nothing about the Fans, that pay the freight on this fiasco, they have built a house of cards and it is about to come crashing down but they will expect, we the fans, that have hockey in our blood, to pay more, where else will the money come from, it's all going to cost us more, after all the shouting.

It may be a private club but when is enough, enough, all this "Lockout" does is take more money out of Leaf fan's pockets and no side here is going to lose money, not MLSE, not NHLPA or the players and not the good ole boy millionaires, having their own hockey teams, in places where no one cares and if they really are losing money, why don't they cut their loses' and get out, do we really have to support teams, in areas where hockey is not appreciated.

Maybe the fan's should have a seat, at the negotiation table, to put things in perspective.

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